Specializing in Industrial & Structural Fabrication and Welding


  • 30 Miller Welding Stations
  • Welders qualified for 6g Fluxcore and MIG welding

Forming, Burning, & Machining

  • Accupress CNC Press Brake 500 ton, 16’ be
  • Wysong CNC Press Brake 350 ton, 14’ bed
  • Messer MPC Hi-Def. Infinite Rotator Plasma Cutting Machine, 10’x25’ bed
  • MG TMC 3510 CNC Oxy Cutting Machine, 10’x25’ bed
  • Lucas 6” Horizontal Boring Mill 96”x56”x48”
  • 15’ End Mill for Milling and Squaring Beams
  • 18” Marvel Bandsaw with Digital Read Out and Beveling Capability
  • 2 High Performance Leica Laser Tracker, AT403 and AT401

Learn more about our Leica Lasers.

Brake Press

Quality Control

  • Complete with Quality Control Inspectors that have taken specialized paint inspection trainings to meet the requirements for the Ohio Department of Transportation Quality Control Painting Specialist (QCPS)
  • Capacity to provide full inspection, environmental data and documentation if your project requires it
  • In house Level II inspectors – Ultrasonic, Liquid Penetrant, Mag. Particle
  • Certified weld inspectors w/ American welding society


  • 3 Fixture Tables for Layout Process
  • Turning Pipe Rolls (2 sets of Webb T18/I18, 12,000 lb capacity, ranging from 12” to 12’ in diameter)
  • 2 Sets of Webb T24/ I24, 16,000 lb capacity, ranging from 12” to 16’ in diameter)
  • 5 Sets of Weldco TRR10 with Idler, 1,200 lb capacity, ranging from 6” to 144” in diameter)

Handling Equipment

  • Mijack Traveling Gantry Crane, 30 ton
  • Renner Traveling Gantry Crane, 30 ton
  • 27 Over-head cranes, 5-25 ton
  • 78 Jib Cranes
  • Conveyor System with Drag Tables
  • 30 ton Forklift

Paint & Blast

  • Shot Blast: Pangborn Blaster 64”w x 37”h Conveyor Feed – wheel-braided
  • Grit Blast: Hoffman Blast Room 13’-6”w x 18’h x 60’ 30 ton cart capacity
  • Climate-controlled Indoor Painting Area 42,800sqft
  • Crane Capacity:
    • South Bay – 50 tons (2) 25 ton cranes
    • North Bay – 30 tons (2) 15 ton cranes


  • Certified with American Society for Nondestructive testing recommended practice No SNT-TC-1A.
  • Certified to paint with zinc-based primers with a V.O.C. up to 4.0 and finish paint with a V.O.C. up to 3.5. We may be able to assist in finding V.O.C. compliant paints to meet the specifications of your project.
  • AISC certified with P1 – Sophisticated Paint Endorsement

Outside Material Storage Bays

  • 76,500 square feet of outside storage serviced by overhead cranes
  • Railroad siding provides ease of access to get your project from a to b
  • 20 acres available for additional storage

Information Systems

CSF utilizes a Windows NT based network to link all office and plant supervisory personnel – some of our business applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Fabtrol MRP – purchasing, inventory and production control
  • ASC Barcode – shipping and production status
  • A host of in-house developed programs that support our production and reporting needs